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Responsive, extensible, and great looking email templates
built with Zurb Foundation for Emails.

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Foundation for Emails Templates

Ready to send

Our foundation templates come out-of-the-box ready to go. They're already compiled, inlined, and fully device tested to get you up and running as fast as possible. Just add your own content, and send!

Foundation templates
Email templates on devices

Look great on every device

Your customers read your emails on phones tablets, laptops, and desktop monitors. These templates are specifically built to handle any screen size on any device, ensuring your customers have a always great email experience.

Tested in every email client, even Outlook

We know coding HTML email is hard. We've done all the hard work so you don't have to. Every template is tested and designed for over 90 email clients using Litmus.

Tested with Litmus

Why use our Foundation for Emails Template Pack?

Built on technology trusted by thousands of email teams

Zurb Foundation for Emails is backed by more than 20 years of industry expertise and used by some of the largest email senders in the world. These are true enterprise grade email templates that are built for global scale.

Fully customizable and extensible

These templates are meant to be customized quickly, and will expand well beyond their intended uses. Easily handle transactional rebrands, product promotions and notifications, and even new marketing sends for years to come.

Developer and product team friendly

Our Premium License includes full source code for each template. You can tweak the layout and style to suit your needs, and if you're looking for advanced changes, you can compile the templates yourself using Inky & SCSS.

10 Ready-to-go Foundation for Emails templates you can download

Abandoned Cart Email
Abandoned Cart Litmus Test Results
Newsletter with Cards Email
Newsletter (Cards) Litmus Test Results
Newsletter Stacked Email
Newsletter (Stacked) Litmus Test Results
Onboarding Email
Onboarding Litmus Test Results
Password Reset Email
Password Reset Litmus Test Results
Reciept Email
Receipt Litmus Test Results
Summar With Cards Email
Summary (Cards) Litmus Test Results
Summary Stacked Email
Summary (Stacked) Litmus Test Results
Survey Email
Survey Litmus Test Results
Welcome Email
Welcome Litmus Test Results
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Frequently Asked Questions About Foundation Template Pack

How do I use these with Mailchimp (or other ESPs)?

You can copy/paste the template into Mailchimp's email designer and replace the areas you want with merge tags. Read more about using custom templates in our blog.

I've just downloaded the email templates, how do I quickly test them?

Use a tool like Postdrop to quickly test sending an email to yourself. Make sure you use the inlined version of the template.

Do these work in the Gmail mobile app?

Yes they do. They are responsive and work great in Gmail for mobile. They also work great in all desktop clients, all native mobile clients, and all web clients.

I may have found a bug, how do I report it?

We're tracking bugs in this GitHub repo. Please create a new issue and we'll respond within 24 hours.