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LightReports enables you to receive daily, weekly and monthly email reports about your business so you don’t need to look at yet another dashboard, enabling you to focus on your business instead.

Here we speak with their CEO, Sven Kapuđija, about how they use HTML Email templates to get their emails up and running with Postmark.

Sven Kapuđija

“As email reports are essentially our business it's crucial that email templates look & work perfect.”

— Sven Kapuđija, CEO

What was the challenge you were facing?

As a developer-founder, I knew what I would be getting into if I would have made all the templating by myself. I tried to find some templates but all of them were too stylish and too rigid to be of any use for our products.

Then I found out about HTML Email and all of my concerns were addressed right away - working across clients, flexible enough to modify as needed, nice & clean design.

LightReports enables you to receive daily, weekly and monthly email reports about your business.

How did HTML Email templates help solve this problem?

They give us a great base foundation to work upon and make our own templates on top of. We are sending email reports with Postmark on a daily, weekly & monthly basis.

We are also not only using HTML Email templates when sending our emails, but also on our homepage as a live demo of how it all works and you can get a taste how it would look like for your business as well.

What were the results?

Once setup they worked perfectly, both on desktop & mobile. It didn’t take too long, maybe a day or two, to adjust it to fit our product requirements. Especially compared to the time it would required me to do in myself, which would have taken weeks.

Example of a weekly report with Google Analytics, Gumroad, Facebook Ads and Mailchimp stats.

Weekly and monthly email templates

If you need to get professional looking emails for sending newsletters and reports with clean code, take a look at our templates.

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